Megan Young, Miss Worl Topless Nude Photo on Covers

The Seductive and most Sexy i have ever seen as crown Miss World. In this timely new generation of beauty, she made here cover in a Health Magazine sharing the importance of health and not as sexy. I is in a right timing where March Issue for Health Magazine was published and accordingly the launch of an Indi Film in Philippines including Miss Megan Young hang on semi Nude or topless which was shoot or taken before she joined in Miss World Beauty Pagent.

Because of fast growth of fat people, I think in this modern world it is always important as a beauty titlist to show good health and body. I is perfect to see Miss World Megan Young posting here sexy and healthy body to gain and encourage teens and ladies to stay fit and Healthy.

Miss World Megan Young made some sexy and roles and sexy photo pictorial for Mens and Health Magazines before she joined the Miss World Beauty Search. Some Photos are also shared on World Wide Web, but for me I am more interesting to see the very interesting Indi Film which she was required to remove here top dress or Semi nude for the purpose message of the film. It will be shown or was shown nationwide this March and April 2014.

Congratulations to Miss World Megan Young for the continuous success and help encouragement for every young teens.

Marian Rivera on FHM March 2014 Cover

Comparing to her previous FHM cover, i found more interesting photos of her, but i think it does not improve any of her popularity. It just progressess her work for indorsements, more photos of Marian Rivera semi-nude makes more introductory to her upcoming products so rates will be more higher for her fee.

Marian has been an interesting cover, and everybody knows that it is difficult to find the same model in any part of the Philippines. It is a big break to her and summit media for bringing her back to the magazine.

Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera Video Scandal

It was Monday September 2 ,2013 when this surprising sex video came and published through social media sites mostly in facebook. Since that day, the persons involved in this sex video scandal never came out to explain the truth about their video (Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera Sex Video Scandal). Wally Bayola was very popular as an successful comedian and hosts from the Number 1 noon time Show Eat Bulaga, and his partner as shown in the Video was Yosh Rivera is a member of the dance group from Eat Bulaga Noon time show which popularly known as EB Babes.

The information about Yosh Rivera which was a member of EB Babes Dance Group was limited as you search on the internet about her profile. EB Babes was really popular as a dance group, however the popularity is limited to each members. Most comments was of course negative, but some people commented to respect their rights.

It is suppose to be logical that nobody will respect when they saw you performing sex in the video, both members who where in the sex video like Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera should think better before taking the video, of course as you see the video the captures are all intentional including focusing the girls pussy for about 8 seconds. The persons doing sex videos might not be on their proper mind since they will be in a high risk of embarrassment especially with their families and Kids.